Maintenance Contract Support Policies

As of February 2011 ­

This document explains the Maintenance Contract services policies of Sovereign with respect to Compiere, an Aptean solution, as of the above effective date. These policies are subject to change at the discretion of Sovereign.


A. Software – The newest, generally released version and the immediately preceding version of the Compiere product.

B. Third Party Application Question – a question relating to the interaction between the Compiere Software and supported Third Party Software

Maintenance Contract Services

The following maintenance and technical support services are available to Compiere customers with a valid maintenance contract:

  • Phone Support is available between the hours of 8am-8pm PST, Monday-Friday with online support available 12/7.
  • Customer will be provided with after-hours and weekend emergency support contacts. Emergency response time is within 1 hour.
  • Responses to and resolution of Compiere Application Problems.
    • Resolution of non-critical problems may be deferred to a future release by Aptean.
    • Software patches are provided for the latest generally released version and the immediately preceding version of Compiere.
  • Access to product updates such as service packs, hot fixes and new releases.
  • vAccess to updates to support materials and documentation as made available.
  • Support Services will be provided only on unmodified versions of the Product.
  • Sovereign will use reasonable commercial efforts to respond to the Support Request within 4 hours. Sovereign warrants that the Support Services will be performed with reasonable care and skill. If Customer believes that the Support Services have not met this standard, Customer will promptly report such failure to Sovereign (but in any case no later than thirty (30) days after such failure).
  • Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and Sovereign’s entire liability for a failure of the foregoing warranty, will be for Compiere to promptly re-perform the Support Services free of charge so that it conforms to the warranty in this Section.

Non-Supported Services

Activities excluded from the Maintenance Contract include:

  • Assistance with Network/computer administration or network/computer maintenance.
  • Assistance in resolving problems caused by improper network/computer administration or network/computer maintenance.
  • Assistance in resolving corruption problems that are a result of an onsite server crash, customization, or other factor unrelated to the base product.
  • Assistance with problems arising from using hardware or systems that do not meet or exceed recommended minimum requirements.
  • Assistance in troubleshooting or writing custom reports.
  • Assistance with “How-to” advice relating to business processes and procedures or how to integrate the Compiere Software functionality into the operating practices of the Customer.
  • Assistance with customizations is NOT covered within the standard maintenance agreement and will be invoiced separately from the Compiere maintenance billing.
  • Assistance with resolving problems found to be caused by factors not covered under the standard Compiere or Sovereign maintenance agreement.

For any reported problem that is found to be caused by factors not included in the Maintenance Contract, Sovereign reserves the right to charge the client standard hourly rates for investigating the problem.

The training of your staff will be a vital step in implementing your new system.At all staff levels it is essential to install a feeling of confidence in your new system. *Sovereign* will tailor the training programs to the various individuals of the company and the duties they perform.

*Sovereign *Training Programs Include:

qLesson Plans
qHands on practice
qUse of visual presentation

Training and Client Support Vital in your Transition Training will take place either on your premises or at a facility nearby which will be most conducive to a distraction free atmosphere. Prior to going live with the system, staff will be encouraged to practice what they have learned on a training account, which features your actual inventory and customer base. This will help to reinforce what has been learned and reduce any anxiety associated with computerizing. To provide future reassurances to your staff and your customers we can remain on the premises for at least the first full day of business when the system is activated. We will spend as much time as necessary with any given staff member assisting them to process entries to make the transition as smooth and stress free as possible.

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