Pricing Table

The cost of implementing any solution will depend on the requirements expressed by the organisation.  Evan an out of the box solution will require fine tuning to match the company processes. It's not magic, it's communication, and it's managing your expectations.


Compiere Enterprise Web This is the commercial version of Compiere. The licences include support and maintenance
Compiere Community Edition This is the free open source version of Compiere. It includes nothing but the core functionality.
Adempiere This is a free open source branch of Compiere. It has more functionality then the community edition of Compiere but there is little code control. It is a very good product.


  Enterprise Community Adempiere
On your server or Cloud 5000   5000   5000  
Cloud support   100   100   100
Load Data – with supplied templates 500   500   500  
Business partners (suppliers, vendors, employees)            
Products and pricing            
Bank information            
Data ETL (extract transform load) per hour, 8 hour min. in advance)   200   200   200
Licences-per month per location   200 NA NA
Advanced Discovery (for systems that are larger and need a more complex implementation. Min 8 hrs in advance)   120   120   120
Training-per hour online (min 4 hours in advance)   150   150   150
(includes standard reports most are user customisable)
included included included
Custom reports and BI reporting and dashboards are additional (per hour 4 hrs min. In advance)   200   200   200
Support per month (per incident support is available at 200/hr min 5 hrs in advance) included   100   100
Maintenance included        

*** all Prices in USD

Additional functionality included in the various offerings:

Enterprise Compiere CE Adempiere
Manufacturing     Payroll
Extended Whse     Asset Mgmt
Cycle count     Manufacturing
Fund Accounting      
They all have:

Accounting Accounting Accounting
Purchase Purchase Purchase
Products Products Products
Pricing Pricing Pricing
Supply Chain Supply Chain Supply Chain
Work orders Work orders Work orders
Projects Projects Projects
Kitting Kitting Kitting

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