Multiple Warehouses

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Multi-Warehouse Control

User-defined locations within each warehouse are used to record stock locations  in shelves and bays (Bin Locations). A physical warehouse can be broken into  multiple logical warehouse areas such as receiving, quality assurance, bulk  storage and picking. Priorities can be set to ensure that picking takes place  from bin locations in a prescribed sequence. Inventory movements can be effected  between bin locations and warehouses. Movements between warehouses can be  configured to generate appropriate shipping documentation, and manage ‘in  ransit’ stock. Complete Inventory Counts and Inventory Valuation to record  write-offs of stock used for internal purposes is supported.

Material Receipts and Replenishment

Shipment documentation can be created in batches, or individually on a per order  basis. Goods received from vendors can be compared directly with the purchase  order or the vendor invoice.Sales functions can utilize ‘available to promise’  information that includes reserved inventory for future customer shipments and  expected vendor receipts.Generate Material Replenishment lists based on  inventory replenishment rules, past sales, or targeted inventory  levels.Optionally use replenishment rules to generate Requisitions or Purchase Orders automatically. 


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