Project Accounting

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Project Accounting for Construction

There are generally two aspects to Project Management, Financial and Scheduling. Compiere concentrates on the financial aspects, providing the resulting accounting entries. It does provide some high level scheduling of resources but should not be confused with resource loading, timing and overall planning.

The Project Type defines the standards (quantities, products, tasks) for a Project.

The Project is the actual work document. Start and End date, Actual products, quantities, amounts.

A Project may have Phases and Tasks and will have Lines associated with the defined level.

A Project may represent the actual creation of a Product (i.e. a Work Order), a Services engagement (i.e. a Consulting Assignment), or a Tracking mechanism (i.e. Sales Funnel), among other uses.

Projects may generate Orders. Orders and Expense Reports may update Projects.

Project Cycles allow for reporting across Projects.

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