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Compiere Manufacturing provides functionality to support the advanced planning requirements of small to mid-sized industries. It was introduced to Compiere in version 3.5. It includes a robust MRP engine that uses forecasts, customer orders, and inventory levels to create a material plan and automatically generates both purchase orders and work orders. A Planners Workbench provides visibility into gross and net demand based on available inventory, open purchase orders and open work orders.

  • Plan Umbrella under which all MRP activities take place. Defines the planning periods and warehouse being planned.
  • Forecast Estimate of future demand.
  • Master Demand Specifies need for products and their quantities. In Compiere, the material planning engine uses Master Demand instead of a Master Production Schedule.
  • Plan Run Refers to running of the material planning engine that converts master demand into planned orders. Also referred to as Plan Execution.
  • Plan Period Range Range of periods you wish to plan for. It is defined in the plan.
  • Plan Run Period Range Range of periods you wish to run the plan for. It is defined in the Run Plan process parameters.
  • Bill of Materials List of components (products) required to assemble a product. Also referred to as BOM.
  • Gross Requirement Product requirement from the Master Demand and BOM explosion of the Net Requirement of BOM products.
  • Expected Receipt Expected product receipts from purchase or work orders.
  • Planned Availability Product quantity available to satisfy the master demand.
  • Net Requirement Product quantity that needs to be procured or manufactured to satisfy the master demand. It is calculated as Gross Requirement minus Planned Availability.
  • Order Quantity Product quantity that will be ordered when planned orders are released.

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