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Overview of Compiere as a comprehensive ERP

One great solution for ERP is Compiere. Not only does Compiere offer an open source solution for smaller, more budget conscious businesses, they also offer scalable, enterprise-ready editions that are web enabled. Compiere can be deployed from the cloud.

An Accounting Schema is a combination of a national accounting standard (e.g. US GAAP), a Costing Method (e.g. Average Invoice or standard), a Accounting Basis (Accrual or Cash) and a currency. Compiere allows you to define multiple Accounting Schemas so you can maintain books for financial reporting and data for management decision making in parallel.

Human resources and Payroll
HR; The department that finds, screens, recruits and trains job applicants, as well as administers employee-benefit programs. Payroll; compensation that a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date.

Manufacturing Compiere Manufacturing provides functionality to support the manufacturing requirements of the small to mid-sized discrete manufacturing industry. It was introduced to Compiere in version 3.6. It enables you to manufacture items, sub-assemblies and finished goods requiring multiple mandatory and optional manufacturing operations.

Projects and Systems
CCompiere has many systems and levels of interaction. All the systems have the added advantage of only adding your data onetime. And these systems are all targeted for specific industries and accounting topics.

Supply Chain
The spiel always sounds great, but most likely, the actual supply chain management (SCM) results won't materialize. Like everything in business there are a myriad of complex decisions to be made going forward.Many companies dismiss SCM solutions as irrelevant to their business needs because they don't realize that the key to competitive advantage lies within managing the supply chain.


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