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Maximo  and the integration with Compiere as an asset manager Maximo® Asset Management software unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management on a single platform. software provides asset lifecycle and maintenance management for all asset types on a single platform. It is used to help maximize the value of critical business and IT assets over their lifecycles with workflows by enforcing best practices that yield benefits for all types of assets, including transportation, production, delivery, facilities, communications and IT. Industry-tailored solutions are available for utilities, nuclear power, transportation, government, telecommunications, life sciences, and oil & gas.Solutions across the energy value chain are built on capabilities delivered through Maximo Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities (SAFE) Framework.

  • Asset, Device and Service Monitoring: Visualize infrastructure availability and performance through device, event and usage data, providing real-time control and analysis to speed time to resolution.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Track, document and make decisions about the procurement, deployment, operation, maintenance and retirement of generation plant, transmission or distribution field assets.
  • Business Process Automation: Model, manage, and optimize business processes for faster time to market, increased customer satisfaction and higher productivity.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Deliver a convenient, personalized customer experience with interactive communications, providing consumers more control of their energy sources and usage.
  • Informed Decision Making: Use data aggregated from business and operation systems to analyze events, develop insights and correlate reactions to change to improve business flexibility and performance.
  • Intelligent Utility Transformation Management: Articulate vision and strategy and successfully plan, execute and manage the delivery of complex transformation initiatives.
  • Regulatory, Risk and Compliance Management: Manage large quantities of utility documents and processes to comply with government mandated regulations.
  • Security: Comprehensively manage and prevent security risk across all business domains.

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