Warehousing and distribution is not merely about providing solutions involving secure storage options and the careful handling of stock.  It is also about adding value back into the client’s business through specific technical functions; from real-time, computer controlled stock management systems, through to picking and packing capability .

  • · Create meaningful performance measurement indicators
  • · Answer queries on status of orders and times of delivery
  • · Track products in real-time
  • · Shorter cycle times
  • · Make better business decisions

Warehouse allow transport optimization along the supply chain, and allow companies to work with an optimal inventory (economic order quantity) regarding service quality. For example, at the terminal point of a transport system it is necessary to stockpile produce until a full load can be transported. Warehouses can also be used to store the unloaded goods.

Product Locations

Currently locators allow five segments (Aisle, Bay, Row, Position, and Bin). There are two new fields available; one to represent the "Picking Sequence" and one to represent the "Putaway Sequence." These are used to print the pick list and putaway list with pick and putaway tasks in the optimal travel sequence in the warehouse. Each pick and putaway task is printed in the ascending pick and putaway sequence respectively. There is also a field available to represent the picking UOM. When pick tasks are generated, depending on two other settings ("Maintain UOM Integrity" and "Allow Splitting") 

Currently in Compiere, you can specify the following fields for any product.

  •     Search Key
  •     Name
  •     UPC/EAN
  •     SKU
  •     Vendor Cross Reference (By Vendor)
  •     Customer Cross Reference (By Customer)

Compiere has a "Warehouse Management Workbench" window where all the strategies (with rules within them) that have been defined are consolidated for final usage in the WMS execution process.

Pickup and drop ship;

Compiere contains the process is that enable the enterprise to service customers through picking up at addresses and dropping off the multiple other addresses.  Compiere can consolidate the shipment on the Dock of the warehouse or pick up from other warehouses and consolidate.  Compiere also allows the shipper to create manifests for outgoing shipments.  These manifests can be automatically emailed to the customer for their convenience.  Shipments can be delivered from remote warehouses in completely separate regions. 


Receiving and put away;

the other side of the warehouse operation is receiving and putting away.  When purchase orders are received by company the manifest would be forwarded to the receiving dock.  When the shipment arrives at the shipping dock the cargo is checked against the manifest.  Any shortages and  overages are noted on the receiving manifest.  The Accounting System has many options to record these overages or shortages.  The customer account can be debited or credited.  The shortages can be put on another purchase order for shipping.  For the completed shipment Compiere can create a put away a list that reflects the most efficient way to get the inventory into its proper location based on the warehouse layout.


Pick lists and cycle counts;

Compiere can create pick lists for shipments are manufacturing processes based on the layout of the warehouses.  These lists can span multiple warehouses and even those in remote locations.  Pick list can be created to take advantage of the warehouse layout by providing the most efficient route to gather the inventory for shipping. The pickup's from remote locations can also be scheduled on a "just in time" basis.  Compiere uses similar lists to count the inventory on a cyclical basis.  The inventory is counted by zone, product, category, supplier, or any other combination.  Then the system checks available against actual and makes the relevant adjustments to the inventory count.  Through a series of these cyclical inventory processes the inventory account should agree with purchases and sales.



Multiple Warehouses

Compiere can have multiple warehouses.  They can be either local or remote or both.  Compiere sees each warehouse as an extension of the main location.  Each and every warehouse as places where the inventories and products are stored.  At this week's finding them and putting them away or picking them up quite simple.  Each location has multiple designated places such as aisles, bins and racks.  The locations can even get more granular depending on the size of the warehouse or the number of products the company Carries.  Unless there is a high inventory turn it's probably better to order just in time based on inventory and customer requirements.  

Backend Options

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