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Non Profit Organisations

Fund accounting, distribution of donations, grants, bequeaths. Donor lists, not for profit enterprises wish to accomplish their objectives in the same way as for profit enterprises, business tactics and management techniques honed in the for-profit world often work well in not for profit organizations as well. Use our tools for performance indicators or for business intelligence on the outcomes.


Not for Profit

Compiere is an Accounting System that can provide all the functionality and a not for profit requires.  It can track the grants donations functions and regulatory information reporting that local jurisdictions require.  Compiere provides the chart of accounts that matches the activities of the non profit organization.



Compiere provides the complete customer management functionality that is required by association's to track their members.  It can also provide notifications of membership responsibilities and activities.  Member accounts can contain all of the skills and qualifications necessary to remain a member in good standing. 



Compiere tracks members and donors and suppliers.  It can send up notifications of upcoming events.  Compiere can keep a list of donors and subscribers and keep them up to date on the targets of the organization.  This is especially important for funding drives more when membership dues are pending.


Fund accounting

Compiere can track disbursements for the ongoing projects that the organization undertakes.  Compiere can also keep track of all the encumbrances that affect donations and projects.  The notification of compliance and completion or removal of the encumbrances is part of the workflow that can be maintained by Compiere.  The chart of accounts can be designed to track old projects that an organization undertakes with the funds they have acquired for their mission statement.

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