Medical services

Compiere can provide a central accounting system for a group of clinics. It can also provide the HIPAA compliant security for medical billing and processing. Combine this with a robust BI tool and system efficiency's are easy to integrate.

 Medical systems

Compiere can handle all the data that is required for a full medical system.  Suppliers, patients, procedures and medication.  Because of the flexibility of Compiere an enterprise can populate the screen with information they may require.



Compiere is fully Hipaa compliant.  The back end  database is also fully Hipaa compliant.  Both the database and the data are encrypted. If the program is deployed from the cloud, the service we use is also Hipaa compliant.  We're constantly testing the production environment for any security issues.  Compiere is a fully audited accounting package, complete with system level auditing.  Compiere can handle the standard medical procedure and medication product codes for HMO billing purposes. 


Clinic accounting

⦁Compiere can provide in-depth accounting for each clinic in a group.  And the records are segregated by location.  The accounts are secure and are not visible to others in the group

⦁Doctors can track their own accounts.  They can see the payments due, they can also see what they owe.  They can also see their personal and appointment calendars. 

⦁The system can also track patients, their procedures, their tests, and their medication.


Doctor and Patient tracking


How many procedures the doctor had undertaken. Track the patient and the procedure and tests taken and integrate with health database to point out potential issues. Tract the chargebacks for the health insurance.


track the medication for the patients and the charge backs to the health insurance

⦁notes; follow up note on the patients and the best care going forward.




Compiere can use the dashboards to display any information that is germane to the organization.  The dashboards are based on user access.

⦁Procedure to income;

Compiere can display useful information regarding the accounts of the individual doctors in a clinic, for example; the main income for doctor by some specific demographic; or the top 5 procedures performed.


Backend Options

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