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 Retail and wholesale;  

Compiere provides comprehensive pricing and inventory control for retail and Wholesale Enterprises.  Pricing can be based on multiple values and margins.  Compiere can also group by supplier, user or region and base the price on that that attribute.  The system is also capable of providing trigger pricing and economic order purchasing for the enterprise or the enterprise clients.  Because the system as integrated with the warehouse consolidation by client for delivery as part of the out of the box offering.  Compiere can also integrate sale pricing that will override any invoice price at the option of the enterprise. 



Compiere can track the enterprise inventory by barcode or Rfid.  Tracking inventory is easier if you know the location.  Compiere will track inventory on the floor or in another warehouse or location.  Compiere can also set up locations on the display floor in the event is the last piece for sale. Compiere also makes a distinction between enterprise assets and sales assets so you will know immediately if an item is for sale or not.  As mentioned before Compiere can also grew up in and tries by supplier and category.  Plus there is a process and file that will this substitution products if the requested product is not available.  Substitution products can be listed by supplier or by price..


POS interface; 

Compiere has a capacity to provide a POS interface for a cash drawer.  And it can also interface with thank our readers and your credit cards depending on whether the enterprise has a merchant account.  Compiere can also read RFID chips and barcode's from products.  Compiere can use the supplier barcode or create its own barcode for the products it receives and sells.  That all the information that is posted directly into the enterprise accounts.  Reversals and rma processes are built into the system.  In the event of a reversal inventory is returned to the system and the sale is reversed.



Compiere have several ways to report the current status of the retail floor.  In several ways to report current inventory.  There are multiple reports that can be used to view inventory few sales or view of the best-selling products.  That all this information can be posted to the Compiere dashboards as well as be available through reporting engine.  Better still all this information is available to be even more powerful business information tools that work seamlessly with Compiere.  We lean towards a specific tool that has both an open source and a commercial version.  The commercial version has a very powerful dashboard option as well as multiple dimensional cubes that can be displayed in compelling graphs.tail intro

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