Account for all your investments

Tracking your complex investment holdings and strategies requires flexible tools. Compiere software has the flexibility to handle whatever your portfolio holds. Organize your data to efficiently account for all of your assets, making it easy to perform all of your tax and reporting tasks. With  your reports:

  •  Show asset allocation
  • Track performance
  • Compare to industry benchmarks
  • Identify P&L items from each investment
  • Prepare Schedule D
  • Consolidate reports
  • Calculate NAVs

 Reporting is only the end product of an accounting solution. Managing the data is just as important. Compiere ensures you use your data productively. Now you can:

  • Automate your master/feeder transactions
  • Benefit from an integrated general ledger
  • Import data
  • Create workflows  

Portfolio Accounting & Management Features

Compiere is a powerful solution for investment managers and accounting firms. It makes portfolio accounting, management and reporting tasks completion faster, easier and more accurate. Comprehensive reporting, interfaces with custodians, ease of use and affordable price put Compiere ahead of competing products. 

Instruments Coverage

  • Equities/ETF
  • Fixed income: Bonds, Treasuries, Time Deposits, Mortgages, REPO, Convertibles, Real Estate, Automatic calculation of accrued interest, accretion and amortization.
  • Funds: Mutual Funds, Funds/Partnerships (with tracking of gain/loss items from K-1s), Private Equity, Master-Feeder structures and more.
  • Currency 

Inventory Methods

FIFO, LIFO, specific tax lot, Maximum/Minimum gain, average cost accounting. By custodian, for the whole portfolio, or for your own custom hierarchy of Books, Strategies and Labels,

  • Broker Data Download and Reconciliation
  • Download account transactions from a variety of USA and International brokers and banks. New brokers/custodians imports can be added by us or user.
  • Reconcile portfolio holdings & cash with brokers automatically.
  • Keep detailed track of portfolio activity changes via true trades cancel/correct functionality via General Ledger
  • File Import Wizard and Import Template Manager for importing downloadable broker/custodian files (Excel, CSV, XML, Quicken QFX, OFX) 

Data Feeds 

If you have access to data feeds we can expedite the import into the system. By creating current history files under the prices for the instrument/product you can follow the group value. 

  • Download Prices, FX Rates, Corporate Actions, Master Instrument Profiles, etc - from data feeds like Interactive Data™, Bloomberg™, Thomson Reuters™ or free sources, or from broker/custodian files.
  • Import same data points from custom files in Excel, CSV or fixed length file formats. 


Over 50 standard reports & charts on any date or date range. Create your set of parameters for a report and save it as a template - create your own reports

  • Cross-client aggregate reporting
  • Real time P&L, Positions, Performance, Risk reporting
  • Look-through transparency/exposure reporting
  • Custom report writer using  report layout designer. Can use any custom report calculation algorithms
  • Tax Reporting, customizable Chart of Accounts / Income Statement
  • Possibility to open several reports for different clients simultaneously, without switching between clients accounts.
  • Save reports to HTML, Excel, PDF, XML; charts to GIF files, for email or web sites.
  • Publish reports & charts in a password protected web site (Web Portal). 

Performance and Risk Management

View total or annualized rate of return for a sector, instrument, portfolio, investor, broker account, custom portfolio etc on a chart or report. Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Time Weighted Return (TWR), Simple Rate of Return, Flat Simple Rate of Return. 

  • Compare performance against specified indices (standard or custom/blended).
  • Performance by industries, strategies, geography and any other user-definable sectors or investment groups. 
  • Portfolio statistics: standard deviation, Composite monthly return, etc. 

Client Management 

Compiere can put all this information in one place under the client. The transaction information is available in real time. Generate client billing reports. Unlimited number of fee classes - management, incentive fees. Easy & automated distribution of client report packs and other report sets by e-mail, or uploading to the web (with our Web Portal product). Track all communications with clients and related documents in Compiere (Client Relationship Management) product. 


Define base currency and local currencies for an instrument and/or broker/custodian level. Track cost, valuations and cash flows in both local and base currencies. Cash for trades and corporate actions for an instrument can be settled in a different currency vs, instrument currency. Set individual exchange rate for each trade, or for the portfolio as a whole or both. Multiple exchange rates for same date. 

  • Track Market gain separately.
  • All amounts are tracked both in local and base currencies, in General Ledger.
  • Load Exchange rates from custom sources 




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